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    Hydraulic Mobile Services includes the following : Manufacture, service and repair to all hydraulic and pneumatic products. Supplying of power tools, pneumatic tools, compressors and certain specialized tools. PROJECTS offered and already completed are Turnkey heavy machine design, construction, testing and commissioning services. Mining and Industrial Hydraulic and Pneumatic investigation and resolution consultancy. Expert gear cutting, sprockets and specialists spline shaft manufacturing facilities.


    Tube Bending Services : State of the art machinery allows us to make a few, a hundred, or thousands of tube assemblies to exacting requirements time and time again. Our CMM capabilities allow our quality control functions to communicate with computer- aided design programs to assure you of continued repeatability.


    Hose Cleaning Services - Ultra Clean Technologies offers a fast, less invasive way to clean contaminated hydraulic lines by shooting a projectile through the hose or tube assembly with a pneumatic launcher. The Ultra Clean Projectile strips out the internal contamination, removing dirt, gunk and oil. Now your clean oil will stay clean as it reaches those expensive components, preventing failure and system downtime.


    Hose Tagging Services- offers one of the most comprehensive hose maintenance programs in the business. Every hose we make or service is identified with a wear proof, color coded tag to record the assembly date, product specifications and emergency numbers that assist in tracking your hose’s performance and life cycle measurement.

    The Benefits :

    • Hose Identification  • Traceability  • Controlled Maintenance  • Reduced Inventory  • Improved Cash Flow  • Reduced Downtime


    Hydraulic Fabrication : We offer a 24 hour service, and also pickup & deliver if needed. At Hydraulic Fabrication, we stock seals and chrome rod material. If we don't have it in stock, it can be shipped in overnight. Whether it is a chrome rod, honed dom tubing, or a new cylinder. We do everything under one roof, and in most cases with a 3 DAY or less turn around. All cylinders are tested before leaving our shop. Please give us the opportunity to help your company with your hydraulic cylinder repair needs.


    Hydraulic Hose Assembly : We have different size of pressure hoses available for use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications to meet various types of fluids, working requirement and conditions, also we provide fully trained clamping service.Sizes, temperature ratings, numbers and type of reinforcement layers, rated working pressure and flexibility are the things we looking at.


    High pressure testing services: We offer High pressure testing services for an extensive range of pressures, from relatively low (a few psi) to very high (up to 200,000 psi). We offer both low pressure testing services and high pressure testing services. We can test up to 200,000 psi with liquid, up to 30,000 psi with nitrogen or helium, and up to 6,000 psi with air.

    We maintain a range of electronic pressure transducers to cover virtually all pressures. These transducers all have a current calibration certificate traceable to NIST standards.

    The instrumentation we use varies according to the needs of the job in hand, ranging from manually recording data to high-speed, multi-channel computer based data logging. Many tests can be documented with a simple chart recording of pressure vs. time.


Hydrotec Trading LLC is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Our most important certificate is the confidence & satisfaction of our customers in our business. For us good quality means excellent performance and zero defects. We prefer to deal with our customers in the coolest way with utmost sincerity. Immediate action against customer requirements whether it is a small or big deal is our basic policy and that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Products

Hydraulic Hose | Hydraulic Fittings | Hydraulic Tube Connectors | Hydraulic Accessories | Hydraulic Hose Saeflange Clamps | P.T.F.E. Hose | Power Wash Hose Assembly | Hose Protection Accessories | Hose Clips and Clamps |  Pressure Guage and Connections | Sewer Cleaning Hoses | Industrial Hose | Super Clamps for Industrial Hose | Connectors | Hydraulic hoses (R1AT/1SN, R2AT /2SN, 4SP, 4SH, R9, R12 etc) | Industrial Hoses (air/water hose, fuel oil hose, welding hose, sand blast hose ,Lay flat hose etc) | Teflon Hose (smoothbore, convoluted) | Suction Discharge Hoses (suction discharge water/oil/acid-alkali hose,cement suction delivery hose) | Fittings – all kinds of fittings


Swage Machines and Equipments | Pipe Clamps (Steel Tube Clamps) | Pyro Jacket (Fire Protection) | Compression Couplings | A/C Hose Fittings | Super Act Couplings | P.T.F.E. Couplings | Reusable Couplings | Stainless Steel Couplings | Cam Lock Couplings | Ball Valves | Pneumatic Tube Fittings


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United Arab Emirates
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